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10 and 11 APRIL 2014 – By Yolanda Stopforth
Welcome to The Inkblog. This is where all the fun, exciting or new stuff, we at Inkblot Pictures have been up to, will be highlighted.
 So what do we do? A good question. Inkblot Pictures is a Media House. Filming corporates, TV shows and short films all fall into our scope. We've even been known to pen a script or two if the muse takes us, and design a few websites, and the odd set of business cards. It's an exciting business to be in with every day bringing something new.
 This week we had a really cool job to do. We were asked by Wrap Vehicles to come and see them do something new and funky. So we said okay what you gonna do? They said that they were going to wrap a car in chrome.
 Being a bit of a girly-girl my immediate reaction was, "Chrome? What is that and why would you wrap your car in it? Seriously…?"
 Needless to say I was a little sceptical about the shoot, thinking "car, yadda-yadda, blah-blah!" And then we arrived at Wrap Vehicles, and my whole understanding of pimping out a car changed.

Wrap Vehicles and Fineline Design

 The first thing that I noticed about Wrap Vehicles was their unwavering friendliness, their enthusiasm and their attention to detail. Walking into that workshop was like walking into a totally new and funky world filled with rolls of vinyl, massive printers, heat guns and cars.
Inkblot Pictures at Wrap Vehicles

It took us a moment or two to set up and get to work filming, as a generic white Audi A1 became an awesome, driving, marketing tool. Here’s a pic of the car in its un-vinyled state.

Manny and his team of specialist applicators set about their business with a refreshing professionalism. The emphasis on detail and the speed at which they worked was truly amazing. I found myself liking them and even getting interested in the product.
And that’s when the Chrome came out. It was already cut and had the backing sheet, so I couldn’t really get the impact of the graphic, (as the pics will show) but the brilliant blue hit me like a cold morning breeze. I watched as they set it out and measured, and changed a thing or two, and then measured again, getting everything just right.


The Blue Chrome that they put on this car, is the ONLY roll of this material in the country at the moment. And this was the first time that Manny and his team ever wrapped a car in this type of vinyl. With the cost of this material being rather high, the pressure was most certainly on.

Blue Chrome on an Audi A1

The vinyl itself has the most amazing properties. It can be applied, pulled up, stretched, re-heated and then re-applied. I was totally blown away. Why can’t more things be as flexible? Like payments on my credit card.  
In light of my new-found enthusiasm, I asked Manny if there were perhaps some questions that people should ask before they have a wrap done on their vehicle, and here are his

Manny's Tips for Vehicle Wrapping
Of course since I am totally in love with the idea of vinyl on my car now, I really will have to go get the little dent in my left back panel fixed…not my fault- honest. Manny makes it all sound so easy, so simple and his in-house design team make the whole process hassle free.

So why do the vinyl? Well apart from making your car look great, it also protects your paint and if you are a business, it’s constant, mobile advertising. Now what could be better?
With the final touches applied to the car and everything reattached, all that remained was to drive it out into the morning sun:

The Chrome Wrapped Audi

Crispin and I had a wonderful time on this shoot and would like to thank Wrap Vehicles for the opportunity to work with them.

The Wrap Vehicles Team and Inkblot
The Inkblog will return…
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