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The long awaited B.A.D blog. Here it is, enjoy.

A couple of weeks ago the guys from Celestial, a local gaming company, came to see us. And being the righteous dudes they are, they came bearing gifts-- well a gift actually. They have been developing a new game and wanted us to cut a video from footage they recorded while playing.

Inkblot is nothing if not totally excited to try something new and fab, so we said, "bring it!" They also threw in a copy of the game. So there we were all fired up and ready to edit. But in order to get a feel for the game itself, entitled, Battle Arena Drones or BAD for short, we naturally had try it out.
Shot of game play from B.A.D

The plan was to play for a couple of minutes and then get to work. But you know what they say about well laid plans and all that. Yeah this one went that way... What felt like minutes later, but was actually A LOT LATER, we emerged happy and baying for more. 
The game itself is wonderfully chaotic and seen from the drones' P.O.V with real-world physics. So for some of us it was a rather unsettling experience in the stomach area. It was awesome!
Firing weapon in B.A.D

A kill in B.A.D
Putting a video together from this material was a bit of a challenge with 3 drones' footage to combine. The idea was to capture the mayhem of the gaming experience, while making it fun to watch. This was a little tricky, so we asked Justin Greenberg from Jackalberry Studios, one of our talented colleagues, to give it a bash.
We also asked Crispin from Inkblot what it was like to work on the video since he did all the voice recordings and syncing. This is their video.

Video on working on the BAD video

To watch the final video we produced, go to

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